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"World Champion Haney calls for Showdown with Davis: 'Become my Mandatory and we can Fight Now!'"

In a recent interview, world champion boxer Devin Haney issued a challenge to fellow boxer Gervonta Davis, calling for a highly-anticipated showdown between the two fighters. Haney, who holds a major title belt, stated that Davis, who holds a different title, could become his mandatory challenger and they could finally have the fight that fans have been wanting to see for years. Haney also referred to the belt that Davis holds as "mickey mouse" and dismissed its significance in comparison to his own.

This public call-out has sparked excitement among fans and the boxing community, with many eagerly awaiting a potential matchup between the two skilled fighters. Will Davis accept the challenge and become Haney's mandatory? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: the world is ready for this highly-anticipated showdown.

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"In a tragic reminder of the dangers of the sport, several professional boxers have been killed in the ring throughout the history of the sport. Benny Paret, Duk Koo Kim, Beethavean Scottland, Jimmy Garcia, Magomed Abdusalamov, Maxim Dadashev, Patrick Day, and Hugo Santillan were among the boxers who lost their lives due to injuries sustained in the ring. In response to these tragic events, professional boxing organizations and government regulators have implemented changes aimed at improving the safety of boxers. These include reducing the number of rounds in championship fights, implementing stricter medical protocols, mandatory brain scans and increased medical oversight during fights, mandatory rest days between fights, and mandatory retirement ages. However, despite these efforts, the sport of professional boxing will always be inherently dangerous and more can be done to prevent these tragedies from happening again." 

The speaker is discussing the recent passing of boxer Patrick Day and the impact it has had on the community. They express sympathy for his family and loved ones, and mention the positive effects that he had on the community. They also mention the need for the sport of boxing to continue to evolve and make the sport safer. They also express gratitude for the emergency response team and the Illinois Commission for their efforts in handling the incident. They express a desire to ensure that Patrick Day's name lives on. 

The speaker is discussing a conversation they had with the mother of a person they killed. The mother expressed that when she sees the speaker's hands, she sees the hands that killed her son. The speaker reflects on their role in the death and the guilt they feel. The mother told the speaker that she will watch all of their fights and will see her son in the speaker, and will pray for the speaker. The speaker goes on to say that time heals wounds, but that the guilt of what happened will always be with them. They mention that they had considered not fighting again, but with time and encouragement, they are ready to fight again and believe that coming back to fighting is the right decision for them. 

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